Plastic Habits You Can Drop Like a Bad Ex!

I’ve been talking about small changes you can make in your daily life that can make a big difference in ecosystems around the globe. Here are a few plastic addictions you can kick to the curb like a bad ex and ways you can start making some eco-friendly choices every day! 🙂

14212c7f15a0f8796e24ed4c3f4c57bcStraws. This one is not rocket science! Straws are a use once, non-recyclable plastic waste. When they get tossed out, these plastics break down into smaller pieces of plastic which are then ingested by marine life. Guess what, those tiny pieces of plastic don’t stop with the small fishes that gobble them up. They make their way all the way up the food chain to us! We ingest plastics by eating fish every year. Think about that next time you are sipping through your straw.

Luckily there’s an easy fix: Ditch the straw or if you MUST use one, use a bio-gradable made of paper! Sip your drink and enjoy.

Plastic-fork-choose-reusable-utensilsPlastic Cutlery. This is another no brainer. If it’s made of plastic, meant to be used once before being thrown away, and cannot be recycled, we really shouldn’t be using it! I always request NO CUTLERY on my to-go orders from Panera (💕). There is no reason for it! You know why?

There’s an easy fix to our plastic addiction. Keep a spork  in your office desk or purse. There are tons of options available in all colors and sizes on Amazon.


Coffee Cups. This one may not be as obvious as the previous bad habits we need to kick. But you should really reconsider your morning Starbucks/Dunkin fix. The coffee cup you get each morning is lined with plastic which is not biodegradable and these cups are not recyclable. It has been well documented that the plastic lids also contain a chemical called BPA. Many plastics contain BPA, but when the hot coffee passes through the plastic lid, it can draw out the BPA from the plastic, and guess where it goes from there. That’s right: In to you! Even low level exposure can have severe effects, especially for those with autoimmune diseases, as BPA is a known thyroid and endocrine disruptor.

So what’s the easy fix to ditch this shockingly awful plastic habit? Use a reusable coffee cup! Once again Amazon has so many styles, fun colors and patterns to choose from. And if you really want to stay loyal to your Starbucks brand, there is even a reusable Starbucks coffee cup.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAl7AAAAJDIyNWY1NzdiLTMzZGItNDQxYi04Mzc5LTk3NTAwNjU3NjEwOQBottled Water- Or Any Plastic Bottled Drink for that Matter! I feel like I shouldn’t even have to talk about this one anymore, but damn it I will anyway. I know it is so easy to stop on your way somewhere any buy a bottled drink, or pick up a case of water at the store. But unless you have water like Flint, MI buy a filter and a reusable water bottle. There I gave you the fix early. In the U.S. alone over 1,500 bottles of water are consumed every second. That plastic will never break down and decompose naturally. Most of those bottles are not properly recycled, leaving them to end up in landfills, or worse our oceans.

So again: Invest in a reusable water bottle. Make it your pal, bring it EVERYWHERE. Once again, Amazon to the rescue. If you like fizzy drinks, invest in a Soda Stream or something similar. Buy a filter for your tap water at home.

870d9279c32c318872f7f45bfd68f489SHOPPING BAGS! Please Please Please Please! If you take nothing away from this blog, this post, take this away: Plastic Shopping Bags Are Killing Our Oceans. STOP USING THEM. Period. Bring your own canvas shopping bags with you when you go shopping. Leave them in your car, your purse, your backpack, etc. Amazon has some shopping bags available, but I have acquired all of mine by donating to great charities and organizations like the Shedd Aquarium, the Field Museum, Brookfield Zoo, the American Elasmobranch Society and

Be the change you want to see in the world. Break the plastic addiction!

Until the next deucey adventure!



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